We believe the Bible teaches that every believer is called by God to be an active, connected part of a local assembly. We also believe the Bible teaches that each person can be led by the Holy Spirit to be a member of a specific local body of believers. We ask persons seeking membership in Christ Our King Church to discern God’s will regarding membership by being active in the fellowship of the church for at least 90 days before asking for membership. After 90┬ádays of being an active part and being assured of God’s direction, anyone can request to join a membership class.

With God’s help, I hereby make the following activities part of my personal goals for spiritual growth:

  1. Read my Bible and pray each day.
  2. Choose the public, corporate worship of God above other social demands and attend all regularly scheduled worship services of this church.
  3. Grow in the knowledge and love of God by being a full participant in the Sunday School ministry of this church.
  4. Take training in personal evangelism, and thereby demonstrate my desire to be faithful to Christ’s command to witness to others.
  5. Imitate the servant attitude of our Lord Jesus and seek at least one place of service or ministry in the life of this local body of believers within ninety days of becoming a member.
  6. Tithe one tenth of my gross income to the Lord through this local church and thereby recognize God’s ownership and my stewardship of all my material possessions.
  7. Become an active and faithful participant in the small group ministry of this church, and thereby submit myself to the leaders of the church and commit myself to the other members.
  8. Commit myself fully to the total life of this local Body of Christ by attendance at and involvement in all church-wide activities.